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Who is Patronpath?

About Us

Restaurant patrons are different today than they were 20 years ago. They're busier. They have more options. And a market crowded with restaurants has created a very demanding customer.

Patronpath offers extensive experience in the restaurant industry, especially in take-out and online ordering. It was this expertise that led to the development of a comprehensive suite of web-enabled commerce and marketing tools that restaurants can leverage to build deeper, longstanding relationships with a wider clientele. Web-based solutions. And the people to back them up.

Patronpath's innovative products are just the tools used to cultivate profitable relationships with your patrons. It's the people behind them that makes Patronpath stand out in the restaurant industry. People who understand that you must connect with customers to grow. People who are dedicated to helping you implement solutions to increase profits and decrease costs through:

  • Products developed to attract and keep more loyal patrons
  • Intuitive, patron-focused user experience
  • Tracking and analysis of patrons’ habits and preferences
  • More upsell opportunities to boost per-ticket sales
  • Best-of-breed, web-based marketing tools
  • Solutions custom-fit to your restaurant's unique needs
  • Industry-leading technology and innovation
For more information, or to schedule a meeting with a Patronpath representative,
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